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Standing in the smallest street in Prague, Czech Republic.
Hi, I'm Melanie. Welcome to my blog! I love to travel, but more than that, I love to learn. This blog is part travel journal and part encyclopedia about culture, geography and self-determination.

Reading, traveling and praying are how I deal with our unjust world. I love hiking and backpacking. I collect maps; I'm passionate about public transit. I love good journalism, tasting new foods, and listening to people above all else.

Three years ago, I moved to Israel to study Hebrew language and history at a local university. You can read more about that time here. Those six months changed my life, exposing me to worlds I had never known before. Growing up in America, in a very sheltered environment and part of a dominant cultural majority, I never felt victim of violence or bigotry. But when I left my own backyard, I found a world that was, and continues to be, unfair and unforgiving.

I spent a year teaching English in Bangkok Thailand.  You can read more about that here. How that experience changed me remains to be seen.

I'm currently living in Memphis, Tennessee, where I grew up but never explored enough. I work for an educational nonprofit that promotes social justice and youth development in hopes of bettering our city and our world. I'm very lucky to have found a job that lets me do what I love.

To me, how one travels is just as important as the when and where. Travelling can afford people a remarkable opportunity to build community with those whom they might otherwise never know exist. The more we can tear down the walls of prejudice and break through our fear of the unknown, the better this world will be.

So welcome to my site! I hope you find it entertaining, inspirational, and useful. I invite you to share my journey, and leave comments about your own journeys, because as Bilbo Baggins once said, "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure!"

Standing in awe of the desert mountains in Ein Gedi, Israel.

With love,

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